Stump Grinding Chipping Campden Gloucestershire

Stump Grinding Chipping Campden Gloucestershire

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You have just  felled the tree in your backyard, whether due to it being bashed by a severe storm or infested with a disease. Now how do you get rid of that tree stump which still stares you in the face like ‘is that all you’ve got?”

This might get you thinking “will a do-It-Yourself approach be effective in tree Stump Grinding Chipping Campden Gloucestershire or should I just hire a professional stump removal agent to get  it done? 

Here’s the answer: If you can take the pain to go through all the stress and risks involved in having the stump of your tree removed, then it’s  okay; but why put yourself through all that when you can easily hire a professional to do it for you? 

It’s okay to weigh your options, but this article promises to provide you with enough insight on four different stump removal methods that would  help you in finally making up your mind.

4 methods of tree stump removal 

There are four major methods you can employ to take stumps out: dig them out, burn them,  and shred them with a stump grinder or just hire a credible Stump Grinding Chipping Campden Gloucestershire company to get the job done, seamlessly for you.

Dig out the stump

For digging out, you’ll need:

  • A pointed shovel
  • Bypass loopers
  • Pruning saw
  • Iron digging bar
  • Working boots
  • Gloves

Steps to take:

  • Dig out the soil surrounding the tree stump, repeatedly, so you can uncover the roots around it.
  • Focus on the tree roots that are smaller and cut them out using bypass loppers.
  • A pruning saw will be best for the larger roots.
  • If you happen to come across roots that are hard to get to, then you can reach them with an iron digging bar.
  • At this point, all the roots would have been cleared, gently roll out the stump from the hole it created.
  • You don’t want to leave open a yawning ground, so cover it up with soil.

Burn the stump

For burning, you’ll need

  • A chainsaw, 
  • Earplugs, 
  • Protective goggles  
  • Strong work boots  
  • Work gloves,
  • Power drill.
  • Potassium nitrate/ kerosene 
  • Dried sticks
  • Shovel

Steps to take:

Step 1: Clear the area surrounding the tree stump,  to remove items that can spread the fire beyond control; such as dried sticks, leaves, wooden items etc

Step 2: Level the tree stump to the ground as much as you can: This is why you need your chainsaw and the rest of the items listed above.

Step 2 : Get holes drilled into the sides and from the top, straight down. 

Step 3 Fill the holes with chemicals for Stump Grinding Chipping Campden Gloucestershire. You can use  potassium nitrate.

Step 4: Add hot water to the holes after adding potassium nitrate or specific chemicals for stump removal. Do not add so much water so you don’t  douse the chemicals. 

The water is to help the chemical circulate. But if you decide to use kerosene, then water would be unnecessary.

Step 5: Assemble some dry sticks or scrap wood over the chemical-soaked stump, in a triangular fashion. 

Step 6: Set the sticks over the stump, on fire and wait for the stump to blaze up. Now you can add those flammable items you once cleared, so it can burn well.

Step 7: Keep an eye on the fire to make sure it is controlled and the stump is reduced to mere ashes.

Step 8 Shovel out the dried roots left and fill up the depression with fresh soil.

Shred with a Stump Grinder

For Stump Grinding Chipping Campden Gloucestershire

  • Clear the area off rocks
  • Chip at the stump gradually, with the stump grinder
  • It’s alright if the stump is already about 8 inches under the surface
  • Clear off wood particles and cover up the depression with loam

Hire a credible stump removal company

The final and more effective method of stump removal, as earlier stated, is to bring professionals on board. Get in touch with the best tree stump removal company close to you and hire their services.


Tree stumps can be quite difficult to remove. By now you should understand why it’s highly effective and safer to give the job to hands that are better skilled at it. Aside from all the safety precautions involved, you definitely don’t want to play novice with getting the stump of your tree removed.