Tree Stump Grinding Coleford Gloucestershire

Tree Stump Grinding Coleford Gloucestershire

Tree Stump Grinding Coleford Gloucestershire StumpBusters are the UK’s No.1 Tree Stump Removal Specialists. Reliable, & Fully Qualified. Tree Stump Grinding Coleford Gloucestershire.

Professional Tree Stump Grinding Coleford Gloucestershire can go smoothly, provided adequate precautions are taken and all instructions are properly followed. The problem many times is that some operators can be careless in using a tree stump grinder that they don’t just damage properties but get themselves injured. 

Stump grinders are many times used when dealing with a stump from a hardwood tree. This type of wood is usually tougher to work on, than the smaller and soft wood variety. Therefore, beyond home remedies, the input of a formidable machine, like a stump grinder appears to me a more effective method.

To be a pro at  this, you must have a background knowledge of  certain  hacks and tips, all of which you’d learn of, as you read further.

Safety precautions to take when stump grinding

In professional Tree Stump Grinding Coleford Gloucestershire, you need to be conscious that there is every tendency that some utilities are wired underground; be it gas lines, water lines or electrical lines. So, first get in touch with the authorities in your locale to ensure it’s safe to carry out stump grinding in that area.

Also make sure you take  along your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Things can get quite out of hand if you are lackadaisical about securing yourself and your environment in  stump grinding. Safety is priority.

A stump grinder can be dangerous if not properly used, especially due to the jagged rotating disk that actually does the grinding. It’s wise to keep the machine a safe distance from you while grinding.

The place of safety apparatus like tough hats or even helmets, goggles, boots and gloves cannot be overstated.

Tips to making stump grinding easier

Always level to the ground with a chainsaw; low enough to reduce the workload on the stump grinder. 

Beware of things like rocks and hard objects that might damage the blade of the stump grinder.

It’s always advisable to grind the stump deep into the ground to remove every root possible, so it does not interfere with new trees, in case you have the  intention of planting new ones.

However, planting a new tree in the exact spot where the stump was removed can also affect the new tree; reason being that some roots might not have been uprooted in the process of Tree Stump Grinding Coleford Gloucestershire, depending on the type of tree that was removed and how deep the roots are.

It’s okay to plant around the area but not directly on top of it, because it might surprise  you to know that roots of diseased trees which were not successfully excavated during stump grinding can infect new trees, if they are eventually planted in the same spot.

Frequently asked questions

What factors can hinder the effectiveness of stump grinding?

Using a stump grinder after a serious storm and as a result, having a muddy and soggy soil to deal with, can make matters worse in less than no time. It not only makes a huge mess of that area but can also affect the machine. So, it’s fine to allow the ground to dry before attempting stump grinding.

Is the soil from stump grinding good for use?

The soil gotten from stump grinding is called: ‘mulch.’ This soil is highly organic and rich in enough nutrients from its rapid decomposition to foster the healthy growth of plants.

Some folks prefer to fill up the depression caused by the stump removal with this valuable organic material,  a process called ‘backfilling’,  while others will rather make good use of it elsewhere. It’s all a matter of preference.


It’s important to note that a tree that has been felled and had  its stump removed through Tree Stump Grinding Coleford Gloucestershire, has the tendency of sprouting again. Trees like Chinaberry tree, hackberries etc possess this characteristic. 

In this case, you can then adopt the method of adding root killers to terminate the persistent growth of these roots.